JIMMY JV11 Handheld Anti-mite Vacuum Cleaner from Xiaomi Youpin

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14,000 times/min high-frequency tapping, remove deep dust mites and allergens

350W total power with 22cm wide suction inlet, strong suction

35mm large diameter composite spiral roller brush, stronger strength

Professional UV sterilization, 253.7nm wavelength, effectively eliminating mites

99 percent filtration separation efficiency, stay away from secondary pollution

Intelligent sensitization technology to prevent UV leakage, safe to use

Composite roller brush, scratch resistant, protect coil fabric

0.4L large capacity visualization dust cup, one-touch dumping, detachable and washable, fast and convenient 

High-precision silent motor, multiple shock absorption and noise reduction technology, quiet and not disturbing

● Power: 350W
● Rated voltage: 220V
● Floor brush vacuum: more than 4kPa
● Noise: no more than 78dB
● UV lamp power: 6W
● Power cord length: 5m
● Inlet filter: MIF
● Air filter: sponge
● Dust cup volume: 0.4L

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